Friday, August 21, 2009

Changing Seasons

it seems like i can only manage to post once a month
well i was on a wireless & everyone else in the house had cables, mine dropped out every 5 mis or so . impossible to get anything done, now i have a cable so yeah ha no more drop outs.

looks like its time for an up date

on National Tree day we went up to Blackheath Market & picked up 2 Hazelnut Trees that i had ordered, an Ennis & a Halls Giant, also 6 bails of straw for $10 a bail.
planted out my two new trees down the side near a fig & 4 other miscellaneous fruit trees.

i spent an afternoon taking the sides, floor & roof of the green chook house & the 2 boys & i had a hard time moving it from the driveway down to the chook yard, when i say hard time we had to lift the frame over the side gate {the gate is just over shoulder height} swear words & bruises all round, even tho it was just the frame it was still quite heavy. into the chook yard it went. now it is home to the straw bails.

we have lots of fruit trees some of them we know what they are & others we will have to wait till leaves & fruit appear, these 2 photos below were taken 2 weeks ago, bare winter branches

now my yard is full of beautiful pink & white flowers

these 2 large trees are Blood plums, full of white flowers & thousands of busy bees

last Sunday afternoon we hung the hammock between the 2 plums, where Sally & i spent a good couple of hours whiling away the afternoon


mountainwildlife said...

How exciting waiting to find out what mystery fruit trees you have there! Looks like a lovely big yard you have too. I bought my hazelnut trees on the same day too- I'll be watching for progress of yours as I've had to pot mine for now so hope they will be ok.


greenfumb said...

Nice to see you back, your garden looks so lovely. Where are the chooks living if their palace is in pieces?

earthmotherwithin said...

Beautiful spring blossoms -no wonder you wanted a hammock!

Anonymous said...

Oh that hammock under the trees looks lovley.
What busy people you have been!

Jacqui said...

the garden looks gorgeous - I have 'hammock and fully-grown fruit tree' envy! (but not 'carrying the chook house over a shoulder high gate' envy!). I hope everything is OK with your job too. Good to have you back.

Chris said...

You're going to be so fortunate when it comes harvest time. All those established fruits should bring a real windfall. You'll have jam and preserves coming out your ears!!!

You may even have to invest in a dehydrator or build a solar one.

All fun and games in the backyard, hey! :)

By the way, I have hammock envy too because we have a double hammock which has never been hung!! Having vertical eucalyptus trees, the branches are 10 to 20 metres off the ground.

Seeing your pictures makes me want to visit the hardware store for some serious hooks!