Friday, October 16, 2009

Blogtoberfest day 16

well im a bit behind with posting, i guess that happens sometimes. i worked 5 days this week & i am exhausted to say the least besides packing orders we were also moving to a new factory 2 doors down hopefully on monday i will have a table to work on.

My Sally girl has been limping around, don't know how she hurt herself, probably jumping from the 3rd step or hurtling down the back yard playing ball. anyway went down to the local vet on wednesday afternoon for a check up, he couldn't find any major damage but if she is still limping next week we will go in for an x-ray. we were told to try & keep her calm & no ball play or running around, ha ha how do you do that.

Fight to legalize clothes lines, sweeps the US

mmm this i find so strange, i don't understand why hanging clean clothes on the line to dry is consided low class or pov. as for lowering property values, i have never herd of such nonsense.
one of my most satisfying sights is a line full of washing flapping in the breeze, whether its clothes, towels or sheets & don't get me started on a line full cloth nappies {ban disposable nappies}
i could never live in a place where my right to hang washing outside it taken away
anyway why should your neighbours care, maybe they should stop sticky beaking over the fence & mind their own bees wax

mmm think im voteing for 1950
how about you ?


greenfumb said...

Definitely not the 1990 that's for sure. Hope you have a nice peaceful weekend.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you, 1950's LOL!
I love my clothesline too, hve never nor will never own a clothes dryer:)

Anonymous said...

Hmm I think more the 18th century to fit over the baby belly at the moment! Yikes...
What a strange word we live in - there is nothing better than sun dryed towels that are all crispy and rough ;-)
I hope Sally is feeling better, and yes how will you keep her quiet?

Tricia said...

I totally agree re 1950's :-)

How wrong not being able to line dry! It amazes me that drying in a clothes dryer is the norm for some.

Our dryer blew up a year ago and we didn't replace it. We made it though the winter without it...although our house looked like a wash house some datys.