Sunday, June 29, 2008

Furniture & a Rug

Monday i painted the white on the kitchen dresser i got from a freecycler & finished off the new towel cupboard.

on Tuesday i sanded the kitchen dresser & put on a coat of varnish. then J & i cleared out a trailer full of ivy & jasmin that had worked its way through a few of our trees & on the wall of the front stairs. Wednesday i mowed & raked the front & back lawns, did a bit of weeding & in the afternoon carried up the dresser to the back veranda. put the clean glass back in the doors & hung them.
A worked on Saturday morning, then went fishing with Scott & dad.

i had started a floor mat a couple of weeks ago {well 1 row}, i spent most of the afternoon working on that.
it is made out off old T-shirts from the 3 boys.
i have been thinking of teaching a class on rag rugs, but I'm not sure how to advertise it.

home made pizza & garlic bread for tea

today i cooked early, orange & raisin slab {mmm my fav}, snicker doodles & my new item this week is passion fruit pudding for after tea. made extra choc chip biscuits last week & froze them so got out half of those. tonight's tea is baked sausages with onion & gravy, mashed potato's, broccoli & carrots.
after lunch made space for my kitchen dresser, in my craft room. filled the top shelves with stacks of fabric, well some of it anyway LOL.

towel cupboard into the bathroom, all the towels are on the line so its a bit empty. the draw holds the flannels & hand towels.


Anonymous said...

Hi Nicole ..
love the cupboards .. especially the kitchen one, just what my kitchen needs :o)

and the idea for the rug out of kids clothes - very clever. i have a collection of my kids denim jeans with the intention of making a quilt out of them, the collection keeps on growing and the quilt will be done much later if ya know what i mean!


Anne said...

Wow the cupboards look great!

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Chooks'r'us said...

oh dear! this is getting a bit freaky - I have my towels in a little white cupboard, rolled up like that and well, as for the rug making, I have, um, several patterns I considered making one day. The t-shirt idea is very good!