Sunday, June 01, 2008

First Day of Winter

Woo Hoo i lov winter its my most fav season of the year. lov the cold crisp days, warm woolly clothes, a warm fire, steaming bowls of food with crispy bread, curling up with a blanket & a good book, day trips over the mountain on snowy days for snow ball fights, going back to the car for hot chocolate & a warm sweet roll. all these & more say winter to me & i just love it.

Today had me dragging out the bread machine, haven’t used it in a couple of years. After an hour of searching couldn't find the manual so on to the net to see if could find one. I was in luck as someone had photocopied one & posted it, so 30 mins & 23 pages later i have a copy with recipes. Printed it on pink paper in the hopes that it wont get lost {fingers Xed}. Now its working away making us a nice crusty loaf to go with our tea.

As its baking Sunday ill be making a date & walnut slice, snicker doodle cookies both new recipes also choc cip cookies.

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