Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Rainy Day Sewing

it pretty much rained all last week, so i was inside most of the time. Monday i sat down to make a couple of bath mats with some of the old towels i have in my linen press. i cut out all the fabric squares, Tuesday i put together 3 panels & then on Wednesday those 3 panels became a single quilt top & finally on Thursday i used the left overs for a mat.
the 2 Aqua flower & the Red fabric came from a freecycler the Aqua damask was a table cloth that i had already cut up as an apron {it had quite a few thread bare holes in it} & the yellow gingham came from my stash, the whole thing will be backed with a white sheet.
i lov it when you start out making one thing & it ends up being something else.
over the next few weeks i hope to get the quilt backed & quilted, well fingers Xed :o) not sure if ill keep it or sell it.

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Chooks'r'us said...

Hi Nicole!
I have just started sewing (other than hems that is) and this is my first project - a quilt like the one you just made! It's great. THanks for stopping by my blog too - look forward to reading more here.

PS I know what you mean by choosing red for your new casserole dishes - I just gave in and painted to whole kitchen red and I love it!