Sunday, June 01, 2008

Hen House

yesterday i planted out some carrots & silverbeet, my little veggie garden is getting full. i cant wait until i see some tiny green shoots emerging from the soil.

A & i finally made a start on the new hen house, we had started one a couple of weeks ago but decided to knock it apart & start again, this time i had a better plan in my head. we measured, cut & labeled all the pieces then put together the front wall on the veranda. the back wall was next then stood them both up & add the floor joists & side rails. i think it is coming together very nicely & just how i pictured in my head.
A borrowed the nail gun from work & just before we were finished for the day the hose popped off the compressor, so ended the rein of the nail gun & back to hammers to finish off.

i was going to paint the frame today but its cold & a fine rain is falling on & off. so a tarp to cover it so it doesn't get water logged before the paint goes on.
From a sunny Autumn day to a cold wet Winters day, don't ya just lov the mountains :o)

anyone who pops in id lov it if you stop & say hey :o)


Scarecrow said...

Ok I'll say 'Hey'
Looks like a chook palace going up there...gotta have chooks in the garden! They seem to make everything 'connect' together.

Good luck with the garden!
Scarecrow (from ALS)

MUZZY said...

Great blog, I thought I'd leave a comment because alot of work goes into blogs and it's a shame noboby comments on them, I Love your chookhouse by the way. Muzzy (Neisha ALS)