Saturday, June 14, 2008

Green Shoots

my little Peas have emerged from the soil this week im very excited :o) the silverbeet has also starting popping up.

Pea shoots

Silverbeet shoots
the Monday was a holiday so we went down to Penrith, the new Anaconda store opened up, lov that place we purchased a lot of our camping gear from them last year. the new Spotlight store had their grand opening, what a night mare i have never seen so many people & the lines were a joke, Wendy & i just had a quick walk through & we were out of there.
Harvey's & Domain had their 2 years interest free thing on again. we came home with a Dyson vacuum, our old Vax just wasn't sucking that great any more, it was 12 years old so had a pretty good run. the vax will go down to the garage to clean up all the saw dust & what ever else is down there.
we also came home with a tv for the bed room, that was something A has wanted for quite a while.

opened the Dyson up on Thursday & vacuumed all the floors, the dust container was pretty much full at the end, the sucksion is awesome. i would highly recommend a Dyson. we didn't get the top of the range, i don't like turbo heads as they get hair & cottons wrapped around them, just too much of a night mare for me. we purchased the DC19. its the cheapest one in the range {$599} we got it for $399.i wanted it because of the new carpet head, its flat so it will go under the couches & my desks with out any problems.

Thursday also saw me painting the second coat on the hen house frame.

in the afternoon i made a Key Lime Pie, equal amounts of tart & sweet, soo Devinne
Friday i went for an interview at Nepean Hospital in the food service department, not too sure how i went, was very nervous.

Grace Bros are having their stock take sale,so went in to have a look. i picked up two square casserole/pie dishes in Red of course,{22cm & 27cm} at 60% off. i have oval ones but the pastry i buy is square so now there will be no wastage when i make my chicken & meat pies. also picked up a lamington tin @ 30% off.

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