Monday, June 16, 2008

Sunday Guide

Up early & a tidy up after A's lan night. into the garden for some weeding, wood chip mulch around the fruit trees {got it for free. a couple of weeks ago city rail did a clean up & track work weekend which included cutting back trees. they left a huge pile of chip at the end of the fire trail that runs past the back of our place. picked up 3 bucket loads on Friday}.
planted out some more lettuces, gave all the fruit & veg a nice drink of seaweed water.
leveled up the Eco blocks & put the Hen House frame in place. A is bringing home the marine ply from work on Friday, {Wooo Hooo} each piece will already be cut to size.

As its Sunday, its also baking day. so my new recipe for today was Choc Orange Lamingtons, the recipe came with the new tin i picked up on Friday. also on the list was ANZAC, Choc Chip {those two are always on the list they ask for them every week} & Coconut Crisps.

a couple of years ago i had my first filling ever & last night that filling fell out. when i went in, to have it done the hole was very small, when the filling fell out i realised how much he had drilled away, over a quarter of the tooth & as its a molar that is quite a huge chunk. have to make a call & find out how much its going to cost, i think they should have a warranty or at least get half price. but we will see what happens. I'm defiantly not looking forward to going in i hate the dentist.
i also joined a site called Home Growers Exchange. A place where you can swap your surplus fruit & veg. i don't have anything to swap right now but i hope to in the future.

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