Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sunny Sunday

You wouldn't think it wasWinter will all the warm sunny days we are having, fingers Xed for a little rain this week.

the marine ply didn't come home on Friday as the weather man said it was going to rain {but no rain in site Grrrrr}, & i didn't want it all wet before i got a coat of paint on it, so we are working towards next Friday.

i went over to spotlight on Friday & picked up the batting for the quilt, 20% off Woo Hoo.
went through my seed catalogues during the week & have my list all ready to go, just need to sell of some of my stuff so i can put the order in.

Yesterday was the winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year. Winter Magic Festival actually fell on the solstice for the first time in quite a while. i didn't go up there this year, didn't feel like fighting the crowds, it truly is nuts & some people are just so rude. i don't know exactly how short the day was but it sure did get dark pretty quick. i think i will put the solstice on my list of things to learn more about.

warranty or half price for my filling, it seems dentists or at least mine doesn't guarantee his work, quoted between $180 & $260 to have it refilled. so i am ringing around on Monday to find someone who wont over charge me & does great work.

for today's cooking adventure i baked White Choc & Orange Cookies, Banana Ginger Bread, & a new twist on the Choc Chip Cookies, oh & lets not forget the good old ANZAC's.

Banana Ginger Bread

White Choc & Orange Cookies

also prepared tonight's tea, Zucchini & Carrot Bake {like a quiche i guess, we will see how they like it}, French Onion Potato Bake & Parmesan Cheese Bread. bit of a Veggie meal tonight :o)

yesterday afternoon i finished of a couple of cards for a card class & even did a bit of scrappin {its been a while}, decided to tackle J's year 10 formal photos. finished a page & have all the stuff ready to do the mini book that i will work on this afternoon.
i have noticed quite a few more people reading my blog & i just wanted to say Hello & id lov to hear from you, & if you have a blog ill pop in for a visit :o)

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Jane said...

Hi Nicole ... your baking goodies sound delicious, you should share the recipes with us so we can make them too ..
the chook house sounds cool too, my chooks need a new house, one day!! will add it to my list .. lol

btw - if your the nicole i am thinking of, i too used to be on scrapwitch - long time ago, my crafting has been just sitting there :o(, once i do a clean up will get back into it all ..
have a great day ... Jane (or scrappygirl or quilty_angel)