Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Seed Day

i spent most of today in the garden, planted out the sugar snap peas, snow peas, spring onions & english spinach. also planted some flower seedlings that i have been growing in trays {fingers Xed that the snails & slugs dont eat them all}.
found a mouse living in the vacuum cleaner hose on the front veranda, its an old vacuum that i use to clean up all the bird seed from my cockateils, wasnt too happy about that jumping out at me i can tell ya.
spaghetti & meat balls for tea to night , just have to go & find the recipe.
tomorrow i will be writing up my second shopping list.
over the last couple of weeks i have priced every item that i buy from all the supermarkets, using my master list, i also go online to check out this weeks specials. so now i just have to write my list for each place & then i get the best price & im saving money, it just takes a little bit more leg work, but i can use the exercise.

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