Sunday, May 11, 2008

Going Green

i think that i have always been a little bit Green, have always been a country girl, even when the country was far away.
i have felt my life changing over the last year or so.

i feel i am turning into the woman i new that one day i would become.

i lov my new Green spotty apron. the fabric was $3 at Vinnies, i think Linen is my favorite fabric for aprons it falls so nice.

My Better Life List

1. living a better life is at the top of my list.

2. saving water- with my front load washer {only washing 2 days a week}, a bucket in the shower to water my plants, only washing up once a day, rain water barrel.

3. buying eco cleaning products-washing up liquid, washing powder.

4. cloth shopping bags- always.

5. recycling everything possible.

6. Saving electricity- changing to energy saving light bulbs, turning off the lights when we leave the room, turning off appliances at the power point.

7. Only buying Australian fruit & veggies, this also goes for dried fruit & nuts, bread, dairy products & meat.

8. Australian food stuffs- i have spent quite a lot of time in the supermarkets reading labels, now i pretty much only buy products made in Australia.

9. Changed from an electric kettle with a stand by light to a gas kettle.

10. Bucket as our garbage bin- have never purchased garbage bags, i use to use the plastic shopping bags but i cut those out in 1998 when i sewed my first calico cloth bags.

11. Baking from scratch- have always done this- cakes, biscuits, pies sweet/savory, slices, bars, chocolates, pizza, pasta- plus 100 other from scratch meals.

12. i will be trying out cloth pads instead of disposable ones, as well as cloth wipes.

13. we are building a hen house & i will keep 6 to 8 hens for their beautiful eggs & meat & in return they will eat up all our kitchen scraps.

14. Line drying our washing- i have always liked hanging out the washing & love the smell of fresh clean clothes straight off the line.

15. Freecycling items we no longer need.

16. Fruit Trees- these are something i have wanted for a very long time & now i have a few in really big pots, i cant wait till my lemon tree gets its first crop.

17. pots of herbs- nothing like fresh herbs to cook with.

18. Growing flowers from seed- i never new how rewarding it would be, seeing their sunny faces smiling at me.

19. Planing my first Veggie Garden- i have grown veggies in pots before but making a garden is much more exciting.

20. Composting- having a go at a compost heap.

21. Sewing- i have always sown things but i have stepped it up giving new uses to old towels, clothing & sheets.

22. thinking about what i spend money on- do i really need it, can i do with out it, do i have something else that can do the same job.

i am very passionate about all these things & i find my self thinking about other things i can do.

Changing your life for the better takes time, but it all starts with the first step.


earthmotherwithin said...

Hi -just calling in to say I loved your list of things going green. I found your blog through the ALS website and thought -here is someone on my wavelength!
Keep up the good work Nicole.

If you want to visit my blog:

Bel said...

Also here from ALS. I love, love, love your apron. :)