Sunday, August 28, 2011

Veggie Garden

its been quite a while since we were down in the veggie garden, yesterday we had 2 m3 of soil /compost mix delivered & 4 garden beds went in. we did want raised beds but we just couldn't afford the timber so we will do without. i will be putting down mulch in the walk ways. we still have 4 more beds to go in over the next few weeks.

today i potted up a whole stack of seeds & as there is still a chance of frost i rigged up a kind of green house.

using the old trampoline, two large plastic bags & a few bulldog clips.


Jacqui said...

Hi Nicole!

Know what you mean about not being able to afford the wood for your new garden beds and was just wondering if you'd tried freecycle?

We got off cuts from a roofer for our upraised metal beds (not as funky as the shop ones but working fine) then Mick bolted the metal to a timber frame using bits and pieces we had lying around. Doesn't look too bad!

Like your makeshift hot house too! Happy gardening,


Nicole said...

hey Jacqui
i do off load a lot of stuff on freecycle but as we dont drive i never request or take anything from there.

Anonymous said...

hi nicole.. i thought of you recently . we are looking into solar power panels for a house in the states. i remember you installed ones on your roofing, how is it going?

Nicole said...

the solar panels are great i highly recommend them, if we could have afforded more we would have had the whole roof covered.

Anonymous said...

I love the mini greenhouse! With the cold snap we are having again I might have to make one too.
Your garden is looking good, I can't wait to see what you will be growing.
Happy Gardening - Emily