Friday, August 05, 2011

New Paint Bed 2

weekend #4 son number 1, one very bright yellow room with a whole stack of holes from pins & nails to fill

Tip: a single bed fitted sheet will fit over the door. top to bottom & will not slip off

white gloss trim & the new wall colour is from the Dulux range it is called Zuni
as you can see its a very dark Aqua.

he did not want me to paint the floor or the wardrobe/bedroom doors so friday morning to saturday afternoon to complete. moved back in by 4pm


Anonymous said...

What a fabulous colour! The yellow make me smile as it is the same as my boys room - painted when the youngest was born. I love this colour too!

Anonymous said...

Sorry ment to add - our yellow too is old and worn. I wish I could go so daring like you, maybe a 1/4 strength aqua?
I love the white trim, it really sets the colour off

Country Wife said...

So pretty!!