Sunday, July 31, 2011

Craft Room update 2

my old bookcase now distressed white, giving/gave away one whole shelf of books & magazines

shelves with the draws, i have not sorted it all out yet so it will be changed around when i get some more time

this was my computer table. it is a square dinning table that was once round & painted dark green, i striped  & hand painted the dolls about 15 years ago & its still in great shape.

this is my new computer table, i came home on monday night to find it already set up. 'A' had the boys at work make it for me after work on monday. its fits very nice in the corner & its heaps smaller. the flat screen is also new to me 'A' got himself a bigger one. this is my first flat screen & i like it, my other one was one of the old giant ones that take up most of your desk hence the dinning table.

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