Saturday, July 30, 2011

Craft room update

my new room colour is called Harbour from the Nippon colour book with a gloss white trim, the floor is a large terracotta tile not my taste but goes with the blue. i am going for all white furniture with red as an accent.
except for my high work tables they will stay as they are.
the cube shelf you can see 'A' made me a few years ago i have a matching pair, they have six draws between them, they sat in that spot 'above' side by side. i decided i didn't want it like that any more so 'A' cut  the top three shelves off one them & screwed it to the top of the other.

i think it works better like this it takes up less floor space. i also painted my book shelves white to match my kitchen dresser.

i have some custom made furniture that i will post about tomorrow.
as you can see in the other pictures my room has a pretty large window, double glazed so it keeps it cool in summer but in winter when the sun is lower it warms this room up very nicely but also makes it very bright so my computer screen is hard to see. so yesterday i had spotlight out to measure up for some roller blinds we already had three installed in out dining family room  & they are great. as spotlight had 30% off i ordered one for here & one each for the boys rooms at $659 all up. they are fabric block out roller blinds & the colour is called Palm Beach so an off white with a brushed stainless long the bottom.
i also painted another room this weekend & son number 1 is already moved back in but more on that later.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my how envious of you I am! What a beautiful crafting room you have!
I do adore the blue colour, nippon has awesome colours in their range.
I can't wait to see what comes out of your new room once it is set up.