Sunday, July 17, 2011

New Paint

new paint makes tired & old look happy & clean
the last 2 weekends i have been in the land of rollers & brushes.
as some of you may know i have a mauve bathroom & toilet with those lovely small square tiles on the floor. last year we put in a new white toilet through the scheme that sydney water had going. so out went the mauve toilet & a shiny new white one came to live. in our bathroom we don't have a window, we do how ever have a skylight & a fan. the mould problem in the bathroom was getting out of control & spending a couple of hours once a month cleaning it was just ridiculous. so a full friday de moulding the ceiling then a saturday painting it & today came the nice new wall colour called Harmony from the Nippon retro colour chart. Green & Mauve really do go well together. its still an old bathroom but now it looks clean & until we can afford to put in a whole new bathroom this will have to do.


Anne said...

It look great!...:)

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh what are some people thinking when they pick up a paint brush?
I love your new green colour. RETRO! And it does work with the mauve. Yes we too live in a 'why did they paint it pink?' house too... lol.

Country Wife said...

I LOVE that tub! And the bathroom is gorgeous!!!