Saturday, August 20, 2011

Family/Dinning Room

weekends #5 & #6, this is the largest room in our house with 3 large windows & 3 doors. it is 81/2 metres x 31/2 metres. again this room was yellow & as it is a very sunny warm room i decided to go for cool colours. 

2 days just on all the architraves with 4 coats of gloss Antique White USA.
our window frames are aluminium & are cream, now they look dirty cream against the white but thats ok 

 the colours for this room came from the Nippon Naturals colour chart. the wall with the cut out over the kitchen sink is called Sea Urchin kind of a grey sand colour

the other 3 walls are Ocean Wave

 it took me fri, sat, sun then the following fri to paint. i gave the walls 3 coats as it is a high traffic area.
the 3 Jarrah cabinets in this room are all custom made by 'A'
this room is our family room, our dinning room & also a computer area

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Jacqui said...

oh my goodness you've been busy! Great colours and I'm very impressed with A's cabinets.