Wednesday, September 28, 2011

About Time

we need to watch our pennies even more now as i quit my job on Monday & until i find a new one things will be tight.
so i thought i would start with emptying my downstairs fridge/ freezer & turning it off, as you can see below there was not much in it & such a waste of power/money. its usually full of drinks & chook scraps from work.

i moved all the frozen items over to the big box freezer

i have a limited amount of money in my bank so i will be running a tally of all spending, to start me off

Tuesday- train ticket $5.40
               food $16.65
i spent most of Tuesday morning dropping of resumes in Leura & Katoomba, i dont know how successful this will be but you have to get out there & try.

i feel good about finally quitting my job, however i will miss my friends & all the food for my chooks.
i felt like i was being taken advantage of by my bosses & working in a factory full of woman is really hard, especially when your the one who has people coming at you from both sides.
well enough about that, its a new day & a new start lets hope i dont stuff it up :o)


Tania @ Out Back said...

Good luck with your budgeting.

I have found that I have saved more money since giving up work than when I was working :) Just tightened up everywhere and definitely think about purchase now, needs v's wants... For the time being I will be staying at home...

greenfumb said...

I find working very expensive - I keep trying to convince Hubby it would be cheaper if I stayed at home :) Good luck with the job hunt.

That table your son made is gorgeous, what a lovely thing to have.