Monday, January 26, 2009

The Casino Theme

Saturday night we went to my niece's 21st B'Day with a casino theme {don't ya just love themes & dressing up its heaps of fun}.
we had a great time :o) i went as a show girl

& to continue the Casino theme A & i went into the city yesterday {track work, so was a combination of buses & trains}. caught the ferry over to Darling Harbour, lov traveling on Ferries But not on the Cats they just arnt the same. the water was quite choppy so made for a fun journey.
walked over to Star City gambled a bit then went up to Sean's Kitchen for some lunch, wow what a meal, A had a Rabbit Pie with Green Beans & i had a 400g Rib Eye Steak, hot crusty rolls & to drink a Matador. we will be going there again :o)
went back down to the casino floor for a bit more gambling, came home $50 richer :o)
wondered around Darling Harbour for a bit then walked up to the Apple store so A could get some new ear phones {got an ipod touch for Christmas}. then over to David Jones for a new wooden spoon :o)

to get home it was either a bus from Central first stop Penrith {no where near enough buses for the amount of people & only run every hour it was pathetic} then a train home or the option we took was a train to Granville then a bus to St Marys, train to Penrith & then a train up the mountains, going this way was heaps better, plenty of room & heaps of buses running & the train was just about empty. running 2 buses every hour for an 8 carriage train is just ridiculous & they expect you to buy a ticket.

thank you for all my B'day wishes, & id like to say a late Happy B'day to Deb who has hers a few days before mine :o)


greenfumb said...

Hi Nicole, sounds like you had a ball in the city. Thanks for your birthday wishes, I had a great day pottering in the garden and then went to see Breakfast at Tiffany's in Centennial Park with Hubby and No 2 Teen. Lovely x Deb

Jacqui said...

woohoo! what an outfit!! sounds like you had a ball. Nothing like a bit of sterling public transport to contend with on the way home - sounds like you found a good route though. Have a good week