Wednesday, January 07, 2009

New Years

do you make them?
do you keep them?
are they reachable?
or are they unrealistic?

i don't make them & never will, it just seems ridiculous to me.
i do how ever have goals.
whats the difference you may ask,

well for one, i don't set a time limit, that way i am not disappointed when other things/life gets in the way

some may be a struggle to reach but they are never imposable

i never set myself up to fail

life is a journey & just because you have goals does not mean you cant have fun & break the rules along the way, after all you only live once

goals may be added too or taken away as things change, you just never know whats around the corner

Goal Starter List

as of today i am back on my Tony Ferguson Diet {boy is it easy to put the weight back on :-/}

i am also going to not buy unnecessary electrical items, i am not really a gadget
person so my aim is to try & talk A out of buying said items {mmm wish me luck} an air conditioner is at the top of his list. my argument is we only get about 3 or 4 really hot days a year so it really will be a waste of money.

i only buy Australian food products as well as other items found at the grocery store so now
i am also going to try buy other products that are made in Australia & stay away from any products that come from over seas in particular China, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find items made in Australia from Australian products. China seems to have a big foot hold here & it is very worrying, their items are cheaper but the quality is disgraceful but even so people buy them & in doing so put our local companies out of business.

to buy land & build a home, this goal is not just mine it is also A's
as i am now working this goal could become a reality & not just a dream :o)

& as always to be the best person that i can be


greenfumb said...

Hi Nicole, good luck with your goals, especially the house/land buying. Now might be a good time too for first time buyers. I'm back on the Weight Watchers too, amazing how quick it goes on and how hard it is to get it off!

Jacqui said...

The main reason I try to avoid (it's often very difficult) buying things made in China is from a human rights perspective - they are mostly made by kids in factories who have come from rural areas of extreme poverty and who are forced to work inhuman hours at very little pay. I also prefer to support local business wherever I can from an economic and environmental point of view too - we need jobs here and we have better industrial relations laws so it all helps.

Like you I'm not much into making resolutions for the year and have never been much good on the goals either apart from in a vague way. I sort of like some of the ideas around about having a theme for the new year - you know, like "live bravely" or some such thing. Guiding principles rather than strict goals that I'm sure to disappoint myself on. I do need to do more exercise though.

I hope you can see that dream of buying some land and building get closer this year.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your goals for the this year. I have done the the TF diet and lost and put back on again. I too am on WW now so hopefully this time it will stay off.