Saturday, June 06, 2009

Our New Adventure

this is looking out the sunroom/dinning/family room window on the Friday we got the keys to our new home, this is only a small part of our yard it goes a fair way past that big pine tree in the middle of the photo

mmm where to begin, its been more than a month since i last posted
crazy busy with packing, cleaning, moving, unpacking & not to forget work, boy am i tired
we moved into our new Blue Mountains Home last Saturday. with a lot of help from friends & family it all went pretty smooth.
i spent the whole day at our Linden House packing cars\trucks/trailers & cleaning
our brother in law came up with a car trailer & all the boys lifted the chicken house up onto it & off the girls went up the highway to our new home. i think it would have been a pretty funny sight driving past a chook house. {if anyone saw my Green & Red Chook House traveling along the highway id love to hear about it}
by about 3.30 i was up at our new home, { not to far from Jacqui at Life In The Dome} it was very overwhelming. stuff everywhere
A's sister & mum came up & they directed the furniture & boxes to the right rooms, helped J & S put up the beds & did some unpacking. everyone asking {where do you want this, is this in the right spot} grrr i was drop dead tired, i just didn't care where anything went, as long as i could fall into bed it was all good.
Sunday i layed a brick floor in the existing chook shed { the girls new home} & by later that afternoon they were happily scratching around in their new shed.

with all the lifting & the brick laying i have hurt my left elbow & fore arm, thank goodness i took Monday off. i have been on light duties at work no lifting at all, it was starting to feel a lot better by Thursday but today i have been using it too much & its aching pretty bad tonight, tomorrow i am only on foreman duties no using my arm at all.

today we put in a 4 bay compost, did some mulching & the boys mowed some of the lawn. tomorrow we will finish off the chook yard fence & maybe mark out the fence line for the veggie garden.
there are just so many things to do its unreal.

Miss Sally is very happy with her new yard, she wears her self out running around all day then spends the night asleep on her bed in front of the fire or on the lounge in the sunroom. she thinks she's good because she can come in & out when ever she wants.
since coming back from training she now sleeps in our room, well until the sunroom is cleaned up that is. she came home with kennel cough & was pretty sick for a week or so, on antibiotics & BBQ chickens for a week. thank goodness she's all better.

until next time at ............
looking for a name for our new place, any ideas?


greenfumb said...

Congratulations - you must be so excited! Glad to hear the girls made the journey safely. I've been wondering how you were getting on.

Think I am going up your way tomorrow to pick up some new SL Wyandottes.

Toria said...

Congratulations on the move, hope you are happy in your new house. Those compost bins look great.

Jacqui said...

Nice to have you back Nicole and congrats on getting the move done. I can't believe all the things you've done in your new place already - laying bricks for the chooks on day two?! You're a champion. I so would love to have seen your gorgeous chooky house heading up the hill - very funny!! Your girls look very content and Sally sounds ecstatic with her new big yard. How fantastic for you - and I'm really impressed with your compost bay! Hope things start to settle in. I've had strain in my arm like that a few times it sucks - hope you can rest it but it's hard when you want to get things done I know - I want everything done yesterday, very hard to just be in the moment and do a little bit at a time. I'm sure the girls will start laying soon. Take care, Jacqui

Anonymous said...

Wow oh wow, your new home looks lovely, all that room and the big trees.
The chook house on the road would have been a sight to behold.

Chris said...

I feel your pain and excitement! Those moves can be quite exhausting, but then it can ve a very rewarding process too.

I really like the compost bins. Looks like you'll have plenty of space for turning.

A name? Gosh, I still haven't figured out a name for our place. I always like the sound of "Glen" at the end though. Like, "Fallows Glen", or something.

I'm terrible at picking names, hence why we don't have one. ;)

Congratulations on the move anyway and hope your arm comes good.

Michelle said...

Very exciting! I wish I had seen the chook house..would hav ebeen worth getting a pic of it. Wow, what an adventure for the chookies :)

The Old Dairy said...

WOW you have been so busy all that you have done already...That big yard sure does hold a lot of promise...keep us posted.

Anne said...

Welcome back..:)
I love your new back yard.
Congratulations on your new house.
Hopefully that will be me in the next couple of years. I soo sick of renting.