Friday, July 11, 2014

Place Mat

My handsome little nephew turned 3 today and for his birthday i made him a place mat.
Talon loves cars but not just cars pretty much anything with wheels, my washing trolley gets a work out when ever he visits.  

This is Luigi from cars 2, i found the picture at a colouring in site. It only took 2 days from start to finish, its mostly back stitch with a little satin stitch. 
These Place Mats  i made a couple of years ago, we use them every day and they still look like new. 


Chris said...

I wish my little one would allow me time to be creative, but I'll have to wait another year or two.

Lovely creation though, and I'm sure your nephew will think you're just the best Aunt ever!

Deb Culmer said...

Hey Nicole - can't believe you've been in that house 5 years, it looks really great. Love the colours you've chosen.

I don't have a blog anymore, couldn't find enough to say but I still read yours.

x Deb (greenfumb)

Kasey Neville said...

He certainly is mad about anything with wheels. He is going to love it xxx

Nicole said...

thats my plan Chris, i want to be the good aunty.

hey Deb, its great to hear from you, let me know if your ever up this way & you can pop in for a cuppa.

Hey K :o)

Deb Culmer said...

Thanks Nicole, I spend most of my time down in Berry these days as I bought some land down there but I do have close friends in Woodford so I may be able to pop in some time.