Tuesday, March 20, 2007

busy once again :o)

A & I went on a date on saturday, went to the movies & saw 'Wild Hogs' too funny well worth the admission price. after we went down to High street there was a festival on with a parade "dont ya just love parades"
HUGE day on Sunday, left at 8am to catch the 8.24 train to the city for the Harbour Bridge Walk. it was a great day, it was overcast & not too hot. Lime Green hats all round. there were huge speakers all the way along each playing different things. News headlines from 1932, the opening speech & Australian Rock. Old Planes flying over head & heaps of news helicopters.
it was just soo cool i am really glad i made the boys come.
after the crossing we went to the Historical Society Building, had some Japanese Pancakes filled with Chocolate, Cheese & custard YUM, also purchased a certificate of the 75th Anniversary Bridge Walk "that will be going on the wall". went into the Rocks listened to some Jazz & then watched a street performer, juggling flaming torches he was really excellent. the whole show went for about 40 mins. well worth the $10. lined up to get the news paper just for the $1 coins {way too many people pushing & shoving NOT fun i can tell ya}
wondered around the Rocks Markets for a bit but there were just soo many people you couldnt even see anything, so we walked down to Circular Quay then over to the Opera House. walked around town for a while got some great Architectural photos, there really are some beautiful buildings in the city. it was about 3.30 when we got to Central, the boys had some lunch & then we got on the train. got home about 10 past 5.

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