Sunday, August 27, 2006

good time

ive had a great last couple of days, went to the stitches & craft show on friday with my SIL, came home with some excellent stuff only 8 stamps made it home with me LOL
saturday i had a stampin up party it was very cool, learnt some new techniques & ordered 2 stamp sets plus some other have to have things.
some people have asked my why ive not been around much chatting & stuff well there is a reason, for the last couple of years ive had this psycho woman stalking me, she follows me from site to site. when ever i post a pic or make a comment she sends me nasty emails & even when i dont post anything shes sending me stuff. i have no idea who this woman is, as for how she got my email addy she must be on one of the RAK lists i first signed up on, its not an email i use much as i opened a couple of new ones. some times it gets too much & i just need a break from it all. i dont read the emails just trash them but the fact that she keeps finding me & still continues to send them is just.......
so im sorry to anyone who thinks ive been rude to them for not chatting or being around
i havent felt like doing much at all, not even scrappin. some days i dont even turn my computer on cause i dont want to see the pop up saying i have 100 emails in my in box.
feeling good after the last few days so im off to try & catch up on all thats been goin on.
hope everyone has a great sunday :o)


Karen said...

Oh Nicole I am sorry you have had to endure this 'woman'. HOw horrible! I hope that your feeling somewhat better now. I had wondered how you were...thats why I emailed you to make sure all was ok. Some people just have nothing better to do with their time.
Chin up love... and just know you have us here that are supportive and are here when you need us!

Glad to hear you had a fun time with your stamps... I have a little collection of stamps but just dont seem to really use them. Maybe one day hey!

Rest up and take care of you!

Kelley said...

OMG - You have no idea how much i can relate to that - I have a lady doing something similar to me - Driving me nuts - And i totally understand about wanting nothing to do on the computer! Hope she gets a life and leaves you alone!
Glad you had fun at stitches and craft - I was there on wednesday!!!