Sunday, August 27, 2006


i found these pegs & they made me smile, & also think about how many different sorts of pegs i have here at home :o)


Julie said...

Love all the pegs Nicole. I didn't think there were that many dif shaped ones.{LOL}

Melody said...

Hi Nicole, I love the peg pics , I must have a peg fettish or something I used to wash my nanas pegs when Iwas little and then would only peg up clothes with matching coloured pegs when I was a teen doing the family washing, then when I lived alone I had to have all matching wooden pegs (to save time on colour co-ordinating) but now we have these really cool metaless ones (you dont have a pic of them) and I just get the washing onlline line as fast as I can these days since bub came along. wellthis is my first comment on a blog EVER i hope its not too much .. hey maybe we could start a peg swap ...*~*GIGGLES*~*