Tuesday, September 12, 2006

this & that

been busy doin this & that trying to catch up on all the stuff i have half finished & start a few new things. DH moved his computer down to the lounge room last week, it took me a few days but i have now taken over his desk, well just until he wants to move back up here with me again, that is. so now its full of cards & stamps, been stampin up a storm. lov my new stampin up stamps & have even been playin with some old ones ive not used in years. as for scrappin mmmm not much, i started an 8x8 holiday album 2 weeks ago & have completed 12 pages so far, i lov the small format cause its quick but i dont like it cause i can only fit a limited number of pics. i have decided to do a 6x6 album just on the War Memorial i think it needs its own story.
i spent 3 hours yesterday sorting out swaps for a couple of different sites, will be very glad to get them all in the post this week i can tell ya.
its been raining for days & days, i lov it everything is soo green & the smell in the air from all the blossom is just so sweet, makes you want to be out there all day long. the only draw back with all the rain is my laundry has become 'Washing Hill' its like we have been on holidays for 2 weeks & have empted out all our bags.

so todays pic is sunrise from my front verandah


Terri Brown said...

Stunning Sunrise Nicole! I knwo what you mean about the laundry, wet weather seems to make my lot wear more clothes....little blighters!

Ali said...

Hey Nicole!
Thankyou so much for sorting our swaps at Embellished! I kow it takes up alot of your time and I do appreciate everything you do!!!!
Keep up the good work!!
Ali x x x

Julie said...

what a gorgeous sight to wake up to nicole......is a great pic. HMMMMM...yes... washing.... unfortunatly i too have almost two weeks worth of washing to get through - anyone got a housework fairy to share lol.