Saturday, June 24, 2006


so ive ridden 127km in the last two weeks, i have gotten to my 30km a day goal & it feels good :o)
i average about 30kmph
not ready to step onto the scales yet, need a couple of more weeks under my belt before i go there.


Karen said...

Way to go Nicole! Im sitin on the sideline rootin for you the whole way! Go nicole GO!!!

I do have to say.. you have gotta have the most grooviest sock collection ever!
HOw trendy!

Nicole said...

thanks Karen :o)

Julie said...

YAYYYY NICOLE!!! way to go, keep up the fantastic work. Doing 30kms a day your sure to get some fantastic results

Lisa Harman said...

go Nicole you are soo wicked lovey.. I also love your sock collection.. they a bit like my socks from england.

looking forward to seeing the new you..

Kelley said...

Go you!!! I dont know how you do it! (But them i would be too lazy to do it!! LOL!)
Good on you though! What a fantastic effort!!