Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Road to Slims Ville

road to becoming slim
this is the road i run on every morning, sometimes the sky looks like this & sometimes i get to see the sun rise
i was leaving the house at 6.30 but now i cant leave till 6.40 its just too dark. the weather is getting a bit cool, my finger tips & ears were starting to freeze so have taken to wearing a woolly hat and gloves.
i like thats its quiet at this time of the morning & no one is about.
2 weeks ago i picked up an exercise bike from the freecycle site. its great, i started out with 10km everyday for the first week now im up to 20km a day. i found that if i put on a funny movie while i ride the time goes really quickly & im not always looking to see how much further i have to go.
my goal for this week is to get to 30 km a day.


Karen said...

How motivated are you Nicole! its fantastic that you are so motivated to exercise so much! good on you!!!
The sky looks so nice in that pic! what a lovely sight to see every morning!

Ali said...

Good going Nic....I wish i had that much motivation....How much have you lost so far?