Sunday, May 16, 2010

Market Day

Lawson Market day

a beautiful warm Autumn morning found us at Lawson Market,
it is becoming quite a local meeting point.
i can highly recommend Peters Breads
his Honey & Fruit Bread with butter & a cup of green tea is Devinne for morning tea when you mossy on home. 'A' likes his with Creamed Honey.
if you live in either Leura or Katoomba you can have your bread delivered.

Honey & Fruit loaf, Rye & Linseed two loaves for $6
two new rolling pins have found a new home

5 bars of Goats Milk & Lemon Myrtle soap

as well as two Willow Nut Loaf Tins

now i am after recipes for these loaf tins, so if you have one or two id love to hear about it.

'A' tells me i have too much junk, & i must say i do have quite a lot of old stuff. i dont buy as much as a use to, im a little more selective with the things i do bring home.
i do have to say tho, everyone should buy the things they lov, things that make you smile, things that say please take me home i want to live with you.


angelina said...

love your tins: bread & honey sounds yummmm.xx

Toria said...

I love the tins. My mother used to make a yummy date loaf in hers, I miss it.