Thursday, October 23, 2008

Day 19- Thursday Quick Tips

The Weather Forecast
yesterday was Cold, Snowed down to Lawson
today it is Sunny, Windy & Cold {feels like winter again mmmm}

i have decided to start something new called
Thursay Quick Tips

each thursday i will add a tip could be a cleaning tip, sewing tip or anything really
these tips will be things i have tried or use regularly. if anyone has a tip they would like me to try & then add please email me.
so lets get started shall we.

Thursday Quick Tips

today will take us into the bathroom

to Unblock a Sink or Drain* 1 tablespoon of Bi-carb into drain followed by 3 tablespoons of white Vinegar, allow to fizz & then pour a kettle full of boiling water. this should clear most blockages.

Shower Mould* 2 teaspoons of Tea Tree Oil & 2 cups of Water in spray bottle, spray on Mould & dont Rinse.

Mascara* if your Mascara has gone a bit hard & clumpy, put it into a glass of hot water & leave for a few mins, this should soften it up & make it like new again.

Chicken update
it has been a little cold in the morning & late in the afternoon, so my little hens have been having a warm meal. either bread with warm milk or quick oats with warm milk. they make a bit of a mess, walking in the bowl but they do enjoy it & it fills up their belly & keeps them warm.

Give Away
my blog counter says 1972 hits & as this is the year i was born i think it is time for a little give away. so leave a comment.
if you leave a comment & email me a tip to try out you will get 2 entries
i will draw this on Thursday next week Oct30, all comments in by wednesday 29th

so i hear you saying what is the give away, well as Christmas is nearing how about something Christmassy {is that even a word}
10 different handmade Christmas cards with envelopes
they may not be these exact cards but they will be along the same lines


CurlyPops said...

I would love some of those cards for Chrissie..they're gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

How could I not comment :-)
Now to think of a good tip....

sewfunky said...

Ohhh! I was born in 1972 too! :) MAybe that will bring me luck. ;) I'm having a giveaway on my blog too, go take a look...

Bellgirl said...

Christmas is creeping up! They're lovely cards, I'll try to thin of a tip to increase my chances!

Elizabeth said...

i found you on curlypops' giveaway list - so, here i am. *smile* my mom would love your chicken picture - she has a thing for chickens - she collects anything 'chicken' - linens, dishes, figures, rugs, etc.

anyway - would love some christmas cards!

visit me, too, for another giveaway, if you like -

Lindsay Bear said...

Oh, your cards are beautiful! I would love to be entered in the draw!

My tip....hmmm. Layered cookie mixes make great Christmas gifts. Here is a link to some ideas:

sparklygreenknickers said...

What beautiful cards! Clever lady!

Anonymous said...

oh what beautiful cards!!! thanks for dropping by, your blog is FABULOUS!!!

flossy-p said...

WOW, those cards are so beautiful. They will make loved ones feel very well loved at Christmas!

The Old Dairy said...

What beatiful cards. Love the "Tips" idea have to put the thinking cap on....

Two Peas In a Pod said...

I love handmade xmas cards. These ones are stunning, christmas will be here before we know it :) Kyla

Megan said...

I'm always in for a giveaway and I would love some handmade Christmas cards to supplement the ones I've ordered through our school (you know, where the kids draw something, it gets made into cards, you buy...).

Kylie said...

Oh those cards are great -you are so creative.

Kirsty said...

Those cards are great, was thinking of trying to make my own cards this year. This might just be the inspiration I need