Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Day 4- Garden

The Weather Forecast
Warm & Sunny

spent most of today in the garden
i gave the hen house its final coat of Green

dug a Chicken Garden & planted Nasturtium seedlings & later on when they come up Sage will be added. just need to get some Citronella Grass, Peppermint & wormwood seeds.
{does anyone have some to swap}

made 2 Potato Cages in the chicken run, i also have potato's in black bins that i planted a while ago & i need to make another 2 cages for the last of the seed potato's.

potted up quite a few seeds today, Veggies & Flowers {48 pots}

Pincushion anyone
finished off my 70's leftover blanket last night, finally {pics tomorrow}


greenfumb said...

You have been busy. Your potato cages look good too, aren't they a great idea.


Country Wife said...

You sure are a busy bee! I have wormwood going to seed. If you email me (link is at my blog) I will send you a pic to see if it's the kind you want.