Friday, October 17, 2008

day 13- Fav Friday- Chickies

The Weather Forecast
Fine & Sunny {think i got burnt in the car}

What's one of your favourite songs ever?
mm that is a hard question, so instead of fav song ever how about fav song at the moment
Eagles- Long Road out of Eden

today i came home with 4 chickies 2 Rhode Island Reds & 2 Australorps
they are only 5 weeks old so it will be a while before i get some eggs.
tomorrow i will be picking up another 2 chickies ??????
the Hen House finally has residents


greenfumb said...

How exciting, welcome to the world of chooks! Hope you've got good fences, they're devious little beggars.

Anne said...

There cute!.
It's amazing how quick they grow, they be beautiful hens in no time.
I miss my chookies!

Nicole said...

we had Chickens & ducks a few years ago & i have missed them

Anonymous said...

Oh wow they are so cute!
I agree with Greenthumb, about the fences, They can be clever birds.

Welcome new chookies!

Chris and Dave said...

Love em! Congratulations.