Monday, October 20, 2008

Day 16- Monday Baking

The Weather Forecast
Sunny- tried to rain a couple of times

i was out on friday & then again on saturday & forgot to buy eggs & as i only had 1 egg left in the basket i had to find recipes with no eggs.

ANZACS {you know you lov them, well my boys do anyway}

Lemon Fingers- new recipe
Jam Cookies {1 egg}

Custard Short Breads

while i was baking i turned up the stereo :o)
playing was John Fogerty- Premonition, singing along is a must

1 comment:

greenfumb said...

Never mind, soon you will have plenty of eggs.

Hubby wanted to know the unit cost of mine (men!) - think it's about $13 an egg atm - worth every penny.