Sunday, October 05, 2008


Decided to join in on Blogtoberfest, blog everyday in October :o) mmm could be fun or could make my readers delete me from their blog lists out of boredom.


The Weather Forecast
in the mountains today it was beautiful & cool, with rain & a lot of fog.
Day light saving starts today {lov the extra light, but don't like the mozzies}

went around emptying all my buckets into the rain water barrel, {it has been dry for 2 weeks}
we don't have a water tank so i collect all the water i can, so my veggies will grow up big & strong.

spent the morning tiding up & picked out the fabric for a new nightie, i need to spend a couple of days this week sewing. i sold all my Veggie bags & have a couple more orders so i need to make some more. also want to finish off my PJ pants & i have a bit of mending to do.

the afternoon was spent watching movies, & as i never just sit & watch {i have to be doing something} been crocheting like made trying to finish off the small 70's leftover blanket. i hope to get it finished tonight well fingers Xed.


greenfumb said...

Hi Nicole,

wonder if you have seen the wheelie bin rain barrels that Bunnings do. They have down pipe fittings and taps at the bottom and when they're full you just wheel them to where you need them. I haven't seen one myself but I did see one on TV. I might hunt one down for the front garden as our tank is at the very back. :-)

Nicole said...

i saw them as well, we rent so i dont think i will be cutting any down pipes, also i dont fancy trying to move them full of water, slosh slosh slosh :o)