Friday, October 10, 2008

Day 6- Chicken supplies

The Weather Forecast
mmm could it be, yes it is Warm & Sunny

edit: big storm about 6pm hail, lightening & pouring rain

Friday is my shopping day, so after the groceries we went to the produce store for chicken supplies
wheat, cracked corn, shell grit & a food hanger. tomorrow the feed will go into metal barrels but for now they are on my craft room floor {that may sound strange but the back door walks into my craft room}.

last week i purchased a Raspberry, it said on the pack full sun Grrrr i don't think so, it was on the veranda for one day & the leaves got burnt. i found a big pot for it today, planted it with a wire trellis & put it in morning sun & partial shade in the afternoon. i hope it doesn't die.

also put a wire trellis up for my


earthmotherwithin said...

Good luck with the raspberry and the passionfruit. Both fantastic taste, and you will feel really rich with your own supply. I am inspired to find a place for a passionfruit too, now I think about it. Too hot here for raspberries though

Chooks'r'us said...

I didn't realise raspberries needed a shadier spot...I brought some home from a friend's place and just dumped them under a fruit tree until we got around the planting them - they are thriving! Now I know why!! Very tempted by the little stool...will think on it some more over dinner.

PS Our girls eat everything in the grain mix EXCEPT wheat. It is everywhere and whenever we move the Dome it sprouts like crazy so we pick it and give it to them and then they eat it!

PS Looking forward to our swap!