Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Day 11- Sew much Fun

The Weather Forecast
cool & grey but no rain :o(

i have had this night dress for a few years {it is my fav} & it has been in my mending basket for quite a while. it has been mended more than a few times. the cotton has gotten so thin from washing & wear, fixing it again just wasn't the answer. but there was an answer, i cut it apart, adjusted it {i have lost a lot of weight since i bought it} & used it as a pattern.
now i have 4 new nighties, Mint, Lime Green & 2 white {they just need the trim added}. i was originally going to use a pattern i have made before but decided not to as i didn't want to fiddle around with buttons & button holes.

we get a lot of birds in our yard but we don't get many White Cockatoos we usually get the Black ones. here are 3 that came for a visit late yesterday afternoon.


Country Wife said...

Those birds are beautiful! The only place we see birds like that here in the US is in a pet store.

I love the nighties! I'm hoping I'll have time for sewing once winter sets in...if I ever get that firewood done.

Anonymous said...

Those nighties are lovely. I imagine you would never want to take them off!
What a great idea of unpicking them, I have a pair of pants that ar beyond repair...

Miss Muggins said...

What gorgeous nighties you clever thing!