Thursday, October 09, 2008

Day 5 - Sewing

The Weather Forecast
Warm & Sunny {mmm i see a pattern forming}

it feels good to get some sewing done, even tho i only finished one item.

1 pair of PJ pants finished
1 pair pinned & cut, ready to sew
1 Nightie cut
1 skirt pinned & cut, ready to sew
1 Apron cut
1 Skirt pinned
1 Baby Blanket pinned & cut, ready to sew

70's leftover blanket, just the right size for snuggling on the couch

added a new blog to my list,
GoingGreen Handmade For Sale
any & all items i have on here that are for sale will be added to this blog
i will also take orders for some handmade items, but most will be one of a kind.


greenfumb said...

Hi Nicole,

you're a marvel. How about that shopping bag you made for your Brother in law, you should definitely make more of those.

Looking forward to receiving my fruit and veg bags next week.

Nicole said...

hey Deb
your veggie bags are all packed up & ready to post tomorrow morning.
the shopping bags will go up on the site when i have made some more, just never enough time in the day :o)

Chooks'r'us said...

you're amazing! I can't get over how productive your days are and I'm intrigued with the potato cages as M. and I are arguing over covering up the stems on our spuds that have sprung up. He doesn't seem to be in a hurry to do it but I read somewhere you should mound over them as they grow?

Nicole said...

hey Jacqui
mound away, then you will get lots more potatos