Sunday, October 26, 2008

Day 22- New Shoes

as some of you may know i pretty much only wear Crocs
{they truly are the most cumfy
shoes in the whole world}.
you may ask yourself why am i posting a pic of my new shoes, well they arnt just new shoes they are new shoes to wear to my new JOB, just got the call a little while ago. dont really know how i feel about it but time will tell. im working 3 days a week & i start tomorrow.

if you wish to do the Pay it Forward please leave a comment on that post :o)


Chooks'r'us said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! That's great news - good luck for tomorrow. I was hoping you would get it :-) I know that place too as M. and I have bought things from there before. I hope it goes well and you like it. PS I bought a similar pair of shoes for the garden - not crocs but rubber and they are very comfy.

greenfumb said...

Well done, I'm so pleased for you. It'll be great to get out and meet new people and working 3 days a week still leaves you time for doing things at home. I do 7 days a fortnight and that works well most of the time.

Can't wait to hear how you go!

:-) Deb

Anonymous said...

congratulations!! I love Crocs too and these are JUST the new ones I want, ones without holes in the top love them!!

Anonymous said...

Nice shoes... I have 'fake' crocs that I wear in the garden and they always fill up with dirt. I like the look of the hole-less ones
Congrats on the job!