Monday, October 27, 2008

Day 23- Tired

got up at 4.45, left the house at 5.30, train at 5.56, off at 6.35 walked for 25 mins, packed fruit & veggies until 1pm, walked 25mins to train,{supper hot, got a head ach} train 2pm, off the train at 2.32, home at 3pm. now im tired. tomorrow i dont finish until 4pm.

enough about that, how about a cute crochet baby blanket i made up over the last 2 weeks


Chooks'r'us said...

that's an early start and first days are always super tiring. It takes me a while when I start a new job to adjust - you just want to crash every time you get home! Lovely little blanket.

greenfumb said...

That answers my question - sounds pretty tough on such a hot day. You will get used to it soon, hope you get a good nights sleep. :-}

Megan said...

Two weeks?! that only took two weeks!? Wow.