Friday, October 24, 2008

Day 20- 6 things

so i was tagged by Jacqui who is the sweetest :o) from over at life in the dome
6 random things

1* Red is my fav colour but i love to wear Green, i am drawn to it.

2* i hate to cook tea but i lov to make sweets {but i never eat them}.

3* i detest people who talk loudly on mobile phones, it is rude & no one wants to hear your conversation. besides i think they cause brain tumors/cancer.

4* i lov to learn new things.

5* i use to be an inside person, now i spend more time outside than in.

6* i lov to hang out the washing.

dont forget to add a comment to day 19, to go in the draw to win 10 handmade Christmas cards

1 comment:

Chooks'r'us said...

I'm going to have something special for you on the blog this weekend since RED is your favourite colour. I love it too but green is my most favourite.