Thursday, October 16, 2008

Day 12- Swaps & Paint

The Weather Forecast
warm & sunny { oh where did the rain go}

i went out into the garden this morning to find this

Grrr bad bad bad possum has found my peas

i also had another visitor today, the very sweet Jacqui from over at
popped in for a chat, a bad cup of tea {what can i say im not a very good cupper maker} & a swap.
i knitted these dishcloths for Jacqui & in return i got 3 native plants {i think i got the better deal}

put a coat of paint on the new chicken run gate, nesting box & ramp
fingers Xed that ill be picking up some chickies this weekend


The Duck Herder said...

Hello Nicole
I love your blog! What a lovely bloggy community you have in the blue mountains with yourself, life in the dome and Lucy C!

The wash cloths look lovely too.


Chooks'r'us said...

I would like to correct you: it was NOT a bad cuppa and fueled me for my trip to work very contentedly I have to say! And I think I got the better swap and hope one day I can offer a swap that I've made in return. I hope the plants thrive in your garden - thanks so much for today.

Chooks'r'us said...

and I agree - it is a lovely blogging community up here - we are very lucky.

Anonymous said...

What a frustation with the possum!

You are lucky to have such a wonderful blogging community near you...
I'm rather envious!

Love the colour of your wash cloths

BigCat said...

The dish cloths look gorgeous. I must have a go of something like that one day.