Friday, November 28, 2008

Zero Footprint Week

more on that when i get home :o)

so zero foot print week for me was all about trying harder

walking to & from the station
the train to & from work
didnt use the oven, only the gas cook top
fruit & veg from work
blanket on the couch when it got cool, instead of the fire
every thing turned off at the power point
only 1 bucket of rubbish
everything else either recycled or eaten by the chickies

Quick Tip Recipe
Shaving Cream
1/2 cup Lux Flakes
300ml boiling Water
1 dessertspoon Olive Oil {i used sunflower oil}
a few drops of Lavender or Rose Oil

in a screw top jar shake soap & water until soap is dissolved
add oil & rose oil
shake to a thick & creamy consistency

add more or less of the soap & water to get the right consistency for you

1 comment:

Chooks'r'us said...

Hey I like this tip - I've bought M. an old fashioned ceramic shaving cup for Christmas from an op shop and now I can make this up for him to use with it. I have shaving cream so this will be great. Thanks!