Saturday, November 01, 2008

Christmas on My Mind

well today is the 1st of November here & every other year on the first weekend in November i am dragging out all the christmas decorations, but not this year, why not you might ask, well i hadn’t even thought about it until this morning.

We have someone coming to paint the lounge, dinning, kitchen & the 2 boys bedrooms, but no idea when this is going to happen & as soon as that is done all those rooms are having new carpet put down well except the kitchen , could you imagine carpet in the kitchen Yuck. So i guess i have put Christmas out of my mind, just the thought of moving every thing i have in those rooms for these 2 things to happen is enough without adding Christmas decorations to the equation.

It makes me a little sad that i had put it out of my mind, So to make me feel better ‘A’ put on my most favourite movie of all time.......

Christmas Vacation, Chevy Chase & Randy Quaid are hilarious & ‘A’ thinks im hilarious because i know all the lines, i usually watch this movie a dozen times over November/ December every year.

there are soo many great lines in this movie & no matter how many times i see it i always laugh.

there is nothing better than a good laugh

I'm gonna catch it in the coat... And smack it with the hammer.

& it has only just hit me that i am a working mum, its still does not seem real. Well the tiredness is certainly real, spent all Thursday morning in my Pj’s {when i say all morning i mean i didn’t get a shower until 1.30} & pretty much lounged around all day.


greenfumb said...

You earned your day off, you dont have to feel bad. I often garden in my PJs and Wellies. Neighbours probably think I'm bonkers.

Anne said...

Wow has this year flown by!
I can't beleive Christmas is so soon.