Thursday, November 06, 2008

On My Desk Thursday

i know it is on my desk Wednesday but from now on im doing on my desk Thursday. im just too tired on Wednesday after work & i have no time in the morning before i go.
so whats on my desk? well lets just take a look

a container of seeds, most planted but still have a couple more to do
a pair of socks that needs darning
red spotty PJ pants that need to be sown together
single bed quilt, still working on the top stitching
on the section you cant see are still the patterns from last week
& skirt that has been cut out & pinned weeks ago & needs to be sewed
there are a few other bits & pieces like new sewing items that need to be put away
garden catalogues that need to be filed

so this weekend i am going to try & finish off a few items
& get started on my Christmas list
& today i am off to the dentist......


Chooks'r'us said...

sounds like a busy weekend! Hope the trip to the dentist wasn't too yuck. I hate going to the dentist....must go before the end of the year though.

greenfumb said...

How's the job going, are you getting used to it? Hope so.

Anne said...

Hope your trip to the dentist was ok.
Can you recommend a good dentist in the Mountains.
I moved up here just over 2 years ago my old dentist is to far to get to now.
thanks :)

Nicole said...

just a cleaning thank goodness, i hate going.
Deb, not so tired when i get home so thats good :o)
Anne, i could not find a good dentist up here so i go down to penrith, i have been seeing the same guy for few years & hes pretty good, im a nervous patient