Thursday, November 27, 2008

Tagged 6 random things

i was tagged by Country Wife for 6 random things
i will not pass this on but if anyone wants to do it leave me a comment :o) & ill pop on over

mmm 6 random things or not so random
my collections

1* old rusty stuff {lov barbed wire}
2* old Jugs & Mixing Bowls
3* old Kitchen Utensils
4* old Honey Pots in the shape of Bee Hives
5* Bird Houses {old & new}
6* old Glass Milk, Cream & Juice/Cordial Bottles
this is just 6 of my many & ever expanding collections
what do you collect?

Honey Pots, i have a few more but these are my favs

i made all of these bird houses except for the pine one at the end, son #1 made me that one at school
i have a few more scattered around the house, i move them around all the time.

i also built & painted this, its a CD cupboard

every thing is still packed up from the painting & carpet & will stay that way until after Christmas, so maybe some more collection photos when it all goes back.

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greenfumb said...

Hi Nicole,
I don't mean to but I collect fabric, I just can't help myself and I often buy stuff I can't really use. I still have some fabric I bought to make curtains for our bathroom when we lived in England 13 years ago! Also I collect books, hubby keeps reminding me where the library is in the hope that I will borrow rather than buy but I LOVE them.