Sunday, November 02, 2008

Garden & Sunday Baking

8.30 till 3pm i spent out in the yard. it has been a cool overcast day, just perfect for garden work.

Planted Out List
Carrots* Littlefinger & Chantenay
Capsicum* Californian & Golden Wonder
Cucumber* Lemon & Lebanese
Butternut Pumpkin
Sweet Corn
Zucchini* Black & Golden
Tomato* Hardy Tom, Sweetie, Yellow Pear, Break-O-Day & Roma
Hilled the 4 lots of potato cages & made 3 new ones

all this pretty much finished of the dirt pile, all that is left is a dead patch on the grass

this is the Lebanese cucumber

this was a drink holder then a fire pit & now it has Roma Tomatos in it

Sunday Baking
Honey Jumbles
Choc Chip
Orange & White Choc Cookies
Banana Muffins

Saturday nights tea was a roast beef with veggies & dessert was this weeks new recipe, Bread & Butter Orange Pudding {got the thumbs up}

Bread & Butter Orange Pudding

My Mothers day Rose, the perfume is


Anne said...


Chooks'r'us said...

How can one person cook so much in one day!! It all sounds so good!

The Old Dairy said...

Your veges are looing good.
I have given you an award, go to my blog to have a look.