Sunday, November 16, 2008

idiot painters

the painting started on monday the guy has done about 6 hours of work all week, i have paint more than him. the boys rooms are finished, well finished as there gonna get {the guy is an idiot}
waited at home all day on friday for him to show up & nothing was a huge waste of a day. if had had all the supplies here i would have painted the rest myself this weekend. as all the rooms were emptied, all the furniture went on the front veranda & every thing else went up into my craft room. last night was the first time i could even get to my desk. the carpet will be layed this week so will have to move all the furniture again. the boys rooms on thursday & the rest on friday. so that idiot had better be finish by wednesday. i was pretty pissed all friday & saturday, im a bit calmer now but will see how much he gets done tomorrow.
& the new colour that the owner picked Grrrrrrrrr why are people so afraid of colour
it is a mint green that has been lightened 5 times, its not even a colour. so both the boys rooms, the hall, the kitchen, lounge & dinning room are all this colour. i really HATE it. makes me want to go & paint something RED.
photos at the end of the week


greenfumb said...

Poor you, you have to wonder how these people hold down a job sometimes. We had a wardrobe built several months ago and are still trying to get him to come back and fix the stuff ups. I even tried a different chap but he didn't bother to turn up either.
To be honest I barely care anymore.

How's the job going?

Chooks'r'us said...

Hmmm - I don't blame you and there is nothing that makes your blood boil like waiting around for people when all they have to do is make a courtesy call to say they won't be there until whenever. I HATE that - so rude - like your time just doesn't matter. I'm sure you will make everything look great despite the pale green. Love the little pieces you made - nice BRIGHT colours!!