Friday, November 07, 2008

Thursday Quick Tips on a friday

it seems im a day late all this week :o)

today's quick tips are all about Glass Wear
as we are coming into the "silly Season" with partys & get togethers
i thought it was fitting to do today's on cleaning glass

* when washing glass wear always line the bottom of the sink with a towel to stop chips & cracks
* put lemon skins in the rinse water for added shine
* a few drops of ammonia in the rinse water will also give shine
* to separate glasses, fill the top one with cold water & place the other in warm water
* to clean decanters or thin necked bottles, dry rice with a bit of soapy water & swirl around to clean
* to clean vases, dissolve 1 steradent tablet {the ones you use for dentures} in hot water, leave over night. you can also use this for wine decanters
* a flat head on a beer is caused by a not well rinsed glass. wash beer glasses in hot water with 1 tab spoon bi-carb, rinse in water with a few drops of vinegar. do not wipe glasses leave to drain & then store in the fridge.

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