Thursday, November 27, 2008

Chook pics

this was taken on Nov 1st

& this on Nov 20th
only 3 of them have names, first up is Brown Betty the smallest of the Rhode Island Reds, she is always the last to go to bed, just keeps wondering around {drives me nuts}
next is Suzie Silver the Silver Laced Wyandotte she is the head of the coop, on their first day together she made the pecking order very clear.
then the Blue Laced Wyandotte, Big Bertha she is the biggest of all the birds & not just in height also the size of her feet & comb. i have a funny feeling she may turn out to be a rooster.
the other 3 havent gotten names yet, i will need to spend some more time in the yard watching them .

Big Bertha
they are quite funny to watch, when i let them out in the mornings a couple of them have taken to launching themselves out the door. they stand on the roost & just kind of dive fly out the door & down the run. always makes me smile. will need to clip their wings soon, mind you it will be a fun day, i have not been able to catch any of them since the first week they really are very fast.
one of the other funny things they all seem to do is they will just be standing there then all of a sudden they will run at full speed down the other end of the pen & then just stop.


greenfumb said...

They look lovely, will you keep BB if it turns out to be a rooster?

Our chooks crouch down and stamp their feet at me if they can't run away fast enough, it makes me laugh every time I see it. :-)

Chooks'r'us said...

You sound like you are enjoying your girls. At least, let's hope they are all girls! Such beautiful breeds - they will have lovely feathers when they grow up. Our girls do that running stop thing too - very strange!

Greenfumb - when our girls do that it means they want a feather ruffle - helps them lay apparently!

mountainwildlife said...

Wow, can't believe how quickly they have grown, pretty looking too. (or maybe handsome? lol) Love the antics, chooks are so entertaining :-)