Sunday, November 09, 2008

Baking Sunday

well Baking Sunday has rolled around again

Chip Cookies

Rock Cakes

Lemon Fingers

Lasagna with homemade pasta for tomorrow nights tea

on the Pear front
Pear & Cinnamon Cake
Crumble {thanks to Jo over at Sparklygreenknickers}

Ice Cream

Puree Pears for the freezer

an afternoon Cocktail, Raspberry & Apple quencher

On the Pear Recipe List
Pear & Almond Smoothie
Vanilla & Pear Smoothie
Orange & Pear Shake
& Ginger Upside Down Cake

Pear Tart

i am down to 1/2 a box so if anyone has any other Pear recipes let me know.
i will be passing on the Poached Pears in Red Wine {not keen on those}

Saturday we went to the Small Farm Show out at Richmond
saw lots of different cows, goats, alpacas, sheep, pigs, working dogs, retired grey hounds, ducks, chooks mmm sure i have missed something, well never mind
tractors, water tanks, solar panels, animal fencing, wood splitter, log saws
all of these things make me smile, we really need to own a farm
picked up a Jockey wheel for our trailer {no we dont drive but we do own a trailer}
& 4 bars of Lemon Myrtle goats milk soap mmm lov this soap


Country Wife said...

What are rock cakes? I've seen them mentioned in the Harry Potter books, but I've never had them.

Blossom said...

Hi there,
I am also from the Blue Mountains :)

Chris and Dave said...

Oh wow, you had an awesome day filled with sweet smells from the oven and all that country air at the show.

Sounds like the perfect Sunday.

greenfumb said...

Hi Nicole,

long time no hear from

Are you ok, is the job too much?

Hope all is well.


Nicole said...

Country Wife, Rock Cakes are just a type of biscuit with sultanas in them